The Best Netherlands Betting Sites – Guide To Dutch Betting

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Although traditional, quaint windmills can be spotted all across the country, the Netherlands has become largely renowned for its progressiveness. But how does it fare when it comes to online gambling? In this guide, we’ll list the best Dutch betting sites and discuss the legality of online gambling, as well as what you should consider while sports betting in the Netherlands.

Best Netherlands Betting Sites – Ranked

As of 1st October 2021, 10 casinos and betting sites have received a licence to operate in the Netherlands. The list contains a mix of Dutch betting sites along with other online bookmakers.

  • Fair Play Online
  • GGPoker
  • Batavia Casino
  • Bingoal
  • TOTO
  • Holland Casino
  • Tombola
  • LiveScore Bet


Betting in the Netherlands – The Current Situation

For a nation praised for its liberal attitudes in many areas, it might surprise you to find that the Netherland’s gambling laws were somewhat complex, restrictive, and outdated up until 2021. Having been pressed for years to get with the times, the Dutch government has finally listened and after being initially delayed, the Remote Gambling Act (KOA) has come into force as of 1st April 2021. This new document has brought about a sea of changes for the better, as far as gamblers are concerned.

The most important takeaway from all the document is that new licences became available for Dutch betting sites and international online betting sites alike as of 1st October 2021 and the market for online betting in the Netherlands will officially open up.

An initial batch of 10 licences were awarded with many more pending approval from the Dutch authorities in the first weeks. Among the first 10 to get the licence we find international betting sites such as bet365 along with local based Holland Casino NV and TOTO.

Is Online Sports Betting Legal in the Netherlands?

Yes. As long as the online sports betting is being done with one of the licenced bookmakers as recognised by the Netherlands gaming control board, then it’s perfectly legal.

Up until 2021, the sports betting monopoly in the Netherlands was run by De Lotto and Scientific Games Racing B.V. Players could only wager on sporting events at their shops and through the Toto website. It was in fact illegal for any offshore operator to offer any form of online gambling in the Netherlands, since a single licence hadn’t yet been given out.

Despite this, the Dutch government had failed to control the illegal market, and hundreds of offshore operators were still offering their services to Dutch users. It is important to note that it was not illegal for Dutch players to play at these sites. The players themselves will never face prosecution, since the Netherlands Gambling Authority doesn’t restrict any online gaming. In the worst-case scenario, they could have lost their deposit if the bookie gets blocked.

Nowadays, when deciding to open an account with an online betting site it is important to find out whether the betting site is a licenced one or not so as to avoid any unnecessary hassle and so as to benefit from the full betting experience and being able to be informed whenever the sports betting sites offer any free bet bonus, new sports betting promotion of enhanced odds on one of the big upcoming events.

The Future of Regulated Gambling in the Netherlands

With the Remote Gambling Act coming into play in 2021, a lot has changed for many online gambling websites. Online gambling is now officially and formally legalised, and this has paved the way for licences to be issued to ever more foreign competitors. Big names like bet365, who didn’t previously serve Dutch players, can now reach Dutch players freely since they have been licenced. Other international bookmakers from the online gambling market, such as Unibet and LeoVegas, will all be preparing their applications to enter the newly regulated market. There will be strict rules to adhere to, however:

  • It is now mandatory for players to set maximum credit limits on their online sports betting accounts, and operators will have to have a responsible gambling strategy in place.
  • All operators working in the Dutch market will have to wipe their pre-existing player databases clean.
  • Ads cannot target vulnerable groups.
  • Advertising between 6am – 9pm everyday is not allowed.
  • Customer service agents must be able to communicate in Dutch.
  • Dutch players’ identity must be verified before registration can be finalised.


Choosing a Good Betting Site in the Netherlands

Choosing which online betting site to open an account might be overwhelming for some. If you’re looking to opening on now, we’ve got some advice for you:

  • Safety: While it’s always vital to register with an operator you can trust, this is especially important in the Netherlands. Since the Remote Gambling Act already puts operators under scrutiny so Dutch punters don’t need to worry much if they’re choosing a licenced bookmaker. If you decide to choose any unlicensed betting sites then be sure to check if the website is licensed from a reputable jurisdiction, such as the Brasil Gambling Commission.

  • Currency: Find an online betting site which allows Dutch customers to place bets in Euro – this will avoid you paying hefty exchange rates.

  • Odds: You won’t get good value on your bets if your sportsbook isn’t offering you good prices. Use our odds overround calculator to find out its profit margin and determine whether you’re getting your money’s worth.

  • Welcome bonus: It is customary for the best bettings sites to offer new customers a welcome bonus or a form of sign-up offer. This normally comes in the form of free bet credits, risk free bets or betting bonuses. We recommend taking the time to look into what’s being offered by the most reputable betting sites.


Popular Payment Methods in the Netherlands

In an attempt to control the market, the Dutch government did try to block transactions with online bookmakers in the past. However, the online gambling market, banks and payment service providers weren’t having it, and the government’s efforts were unsuccessful.

iDeal, a Netherlands-based payment method popularly used for online transactions, is offered by a variety of bookmakers, as well as international names like PayPal, Skrill, Neteller and bank cards.


Which Sports Are Popular in the Netherlands?

Football is the most popular sport in the Netherlands, which is unsurprising given the countless players that have mesmerised in the trademark orange national team shirt. The Eredivisie is the top league in the country, featuring storied clubs such as Ajax, Feyenoord and PSV. The English Premier League is the most followed league worldwide and is home to loads of popular betting markets.

Another very popular competition is the UEFA Champions League which features many big matches throughout the season. The Dutch Eredivisie champions make it through to the competition group stage automatically while the second placed team in the Eredivisie has to go through the qualification stages. Recently Ajax made it through to the semi-finals, so you can imagine the type of offers which dutch betting sites were offering in the only to lose out to Tottenham.

Second on the list is hockey. The Netherlands proudly organised the 2014 Hockey World Cup in the Hague – a cup the Dutch team has won three times – and people across the country love to come together to back their country.

Other sports the Dutch are very enthusiastic about are volleyball, cycling, horse racing, tennis, golf, MMA, UFC and gymnastics.

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Best Netherlands Betting Sites FAQs

👩‍⚖️ Is betting in the Netherlands legal?

Yes, it is. The Netherlands Gambling Authority doesn’t restrict any online gaming, meaning that a player engaging in online gaming cannot be prosecuted. Dutch bettors don’t need to worry about this.

🦺 Are online betting companies allowed to operate within the Netherlands?

Since the recent Remote Gambling Act, the online sports betting market as well as the online casino market has become legal. Before this, no offshore bookmakers were licensed to offer online gambling services in the Netherlands. Licenced bookmakers can now offer betting odds and bettors can place legal sports bets in a safe and regulated market.

🏆 Which are the most popular sports to bet on in the Netherlands?

The most popular sports bets come from football. The dutch are also into hockey and horse-racing in particular.

❓ Which are the best betting sites you recommend?

If it’s sports betting you are after, we highly recommend the bet365 betting site if you are to open a new account to bet online. Their great online sportsbook is second to none in the list of licenced betting sites.


ThePuntersPage Final Say

Whether you’re betting while on holiday or you’ve made the Netherlands your home, it’s always important to know the legality surrounding online betting. We’ve listed the best sports betting sites in the Netherlands to ensure you know which betting sites are deemed safe by the Dutch authorities. Other top bookmakers and online operators are still an option however part of the betting experience may be different

Looking to bet somewhere new? Check out our detailed regulations guide to betting in different countries.