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Our corner stats are updated daily and include total corners, team corners for and against, corner handicaps and more.

Stats Tip
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TPP Total Corners Stats

This table shows how many times teams have been involved in a match where there were over a certain number of corners awarded. This data includes the total number of corners in a match i.e. those of both the home and away teams combined.

Over 7.5

Over 8.5

Over 9.5

Over 10.5

Over 11.5

Over 12.5

Hint: To find these stats more quickly next time, search “TPP Corner Stats” on Google.

Team Corners (For And Against) Stats

These are the teams with the highest percentage of corners awarded either in their favour or against them per match.

Over 4.5 For

Over 5.5 For

Over 6.5 For

Over 4.5 Against

Over 5.5 Against

Over 6.5 Against


Corner Handicap Stats (+1/-1)

Handicap +1

Handicap -1


Each Team Over 2.5/3.5 Corners

Each Team Over 2.5

Each Team Over 3.5



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How To Use Our Corner Stats

The corner table above features the total corners statistics for 374 teams across 21 leagues around the globe and shows the total number of matches played, and the number of matches that have seen ‘Over 7.5′, ‘Over 8.5', Over 9.5’, ‘Over 10.5’, ‘Over 11.5' or ‘Over 12.5’ corners – Depending on the line you pick (for the current season). The yellow bar represents the percentage of total games where each teams has had over X amount of corners (either 7.7, 8.5, 9.5, 10.5, 11.5 or 12.5).

There are several ways you can use the table:

Use the ‘Search‘ bar to find a specific team, league or country.

‘Sort‘ the information (using the arrows) by either ‘Team‘, ‘Matches Played‘ (#) or ‘Percentage‘ (%).

The data is updated every day to ensure we have the most up-to-date corner stats available, from English examples like Premier League corner stats and Championship corner stats, to La Liga corner stats, Serie A corner stats, and all around the globe.

All of this data can of course be used to better predict likely total corner outcomes, alongside good strategy, corner tips, and research generally. Remember too, that because this table provides over stats, it also logistically provides under corner stats based on the remaining percentages.

Simply take the percentage provided from 100 to get under stats. The reason that these stats have been chosen is that the average number of corners per game, for most leagues is around 10 or 11. It certainly is for Premier League corner stats. Some examples, like La Liga corner stats may be a little lower but that is also reflected in the table. So, by having our over stats (and under stats via logic and maths) around these numbers you get a really in-depth understanding of how all of these teams perform in terms of total corners most of that time.

There’s always more research you can do, always more to learn about the beautiful game, but in terms of corner markets, this is an amazing way of developing an incredible depth of key knowledge in mere moments.

What Leagues Do You Offer Football Corner Stats For?

We currently offer total corner stats for teams from the following countries and leagues:

Austria – A-League
Belgium – First Division A
Brazil – Serie A
England – Premier League, Championship, League One & League Two
Finland – Veikkausliiga
France – Ligue 1
Germany – Bundesliga (also see 1. Bundesliga tips on KickForm)
Greece – Superleague
Holland – Eredivisie
Italy – Serie A
Norway – Eliteserien
Portugal – Primeira Liga
Scotland – Premiership
Spain – La Liga (check the La Liga predictions on KickForm)
Sweden – Allsvenskan
Switzerland – Super League
Turkey – Süper Lig

Understanding Total Corners And Statistics

Put simply, total corners is where you predict whether the number of corners that are completed in the match will be over or under the number set by the bookmaker. Just to be crystal clear, total corners means the number of corners throughout the entirety of normal play, it may also be known as match corners. You can also bet on whether the total number of corners will be exactly a certain amount meaning there are no null and void results except in the case of an abandoned game. You can make your selection live, or pre-game, with the picture below being an example of the latter.


Screenshot of bet365 Corner Betting Markets

As you can see, there will generally be a broad selection of markets dictated by what number of corners you can choose to go over or under on. Naturally, having a bookmaker with great odds generally will always help, as will understanding your odds, but having this kind of leeway is a vital part of smart betting as well. And that is the essence of what total corners are. Part of the beauty of this market is that it is so simple to understand while having strategic depth as we’ll discuss a little later in this article. But, in terms of wrapping your head around the key concepts of the market, that is all there is to it.

Important Total Corner Rules

Screenshot of William Hill corner football rules

To ensure that you have the full context for these statistics we decided it would probably be wise for us to go through some of the key rules of total corners.

The first thing to make clear is what we mean by “normal time”. Normal time, not just in this but in betting markets in general, is defined as being 90 minutes plus injury time. In terms of what is relevant to corner markets, this means that any corners taken in extra time do not count towards the final corners total. In other words, for you, this market ends with injury time. Anything that happens after that is an irrelevance to this market. This rule is also in effect for in-play matches.

The next most important rule refers to which corners “count”. This is usually pretty straightforward, unless a player decides to go into business for themselves a corner will be made clear by the referee and should also be tallied by the bookmaker if you are following the game live, whether there is live streaming or not.

However, in the case of a retaken corner, which often occurs when a corner is taken too early and the referee orders them to take it again, this is counted as one by every bookmaker we have checked, no matter how many times the corner is retaken.

In the case of abandoned matches, if the match is abandoned before any markets are settled then you should get your stake back. There are some exceptions to this rule. If you had bet that the result would be over, and that number had already been reached at the time of abandonment then that market would be considered won. This works to your advantage in the case of an over bet, as you can’t lose in the case of an abandoned match. Which is fair considering that it is theoretically possible that the number of corners could exceed the over amount, while it is impossible that fewer corners could have been taken after abandonment.

However, if you have bet under, and the match is abandoned after the amount has been exceeded, you would lose that bet and your stake, working by the same logic. There are of course other general rules, but these appear to cause the most confusion when it comes to total corner markets.


Total Corner Tips

If you thought that total corners would be a very simple market based on it being easy to understand then we are here to surprise you with its hidden depths. So many factors can impact the number of corners of a game, they are not an arbitrary consequence, but the result of team dynamics, aggression, tactics, environment, team news, and more. With that in mind, here is what we consider to be five of the most compelling total corner tips for smarter total corners betting.

  • Spotting under market opportunities 

Something that people often don’t realise is that there’s quite a lot dictating a betting site’s odds. There’s the overround (the bookmaker's edge, shown through how much over 100% all possible implied probabilities come to), the need to stay close to the odds given by other bookmakers to remain competitive and to stave of arbitrage bettors, and the need to reduce risk. In other words, there is a lot more going on than just what the operator thinks is going to happen.

This mix of factors means there are times when the bookmaker offers odds that are quite far away from their real-life value. Spotting these opportunities is the key to successful betting. In over and under markets, of all kinds, these often come through in the under market. That’s because often bettors will overbet on the over market. After all, they hope for an exciting game. This forces operators to adjust the odds to encourage more balanced betting, often providing the under market with very generous odds. Capitalising on those odds is what our corner tips are all about.

  • Create a game narrative

One of the things which makes this betting market so interesting is that instead of betting on the team you think will win you are instead betting on the type of match this is going to be. Keeping that in mind is vital for successful game predictions. Generally speaking, for instance, a higher-scoring game will have more corners because this generally means more action towards either end of the field and thus, more corners. In other words, a big factor in how many corners you think there will be depends on how action-packed that game will be. So, consider everything relevant to that dynamic, from the style of play to the teams to the importance of the game itself. Ultimately, what you are looking for is a prediction of how this game will go that is logically consistent throughout, this is especially important if you are using a total corners market as part of multiple bets or as part of an accumulator.

  • Focus on teams with dead-ball specialists for over markets

While it is certainly a good idea to try and look out for opportunities in under markets, and they likely provide more great odds opportunities on average, none of this means we think you should discount the over markets. Far from it. We do think though that you should focus your over efforts for when all the factors are pointing in that direction. We’ve already talked about some of these factors in our last entry, however, one area that is often overlooked is the impact of key players that could be described as dead-ball specialists. These are players who are brilliant at setting up goals from a dead ball, whether it be free kicks, or from a corner. When a team has a player like this in a prominent position for a game then the chances of that total going up really skyrocket, but once again, the odds don’t always reflect that, providing you with a perfect betting opportunity.

  • Watch as many games as you can

Not only does the total corners market have the depth needed for corner tips, but we would argue that in terms of the detail needed to make solid predictions, it is one of the most multifaceted markets out there. Because of this, we think you need a two-pronged approach to your research. And the first is to simply watch as many games as you can featuring the relevant teams. This gives you a sense of how they play, how they approach different opponents and situations. And like we said before, this market is all about understanding the kind of game it is going to be, so this insight is vital.

  • Utilise our corner stats

Now you have got all that delightful detail you will need to put that action into context. This is exactly what our corner statistics are all about. Taking all that detail about how a team plays and how they approach corners and then adding those stats, those cold hard facts to put everything into perspective, gets you a multi-dimensional view of everything you need to know to make an intelligent, well-formed prediction. And you can go even further if you like with our Kickform page. We talked about how creating a cohesive narrative is important, well, with our corner statistics and Kickform you can do exactly that, with predictions from football leagues all around the world. Knowledge is power when it comes to betting and with every stat, your betting instincts become that much sharper.


Other Kinds of Corner Bets

Screenshot of Unibet Corners Markets

Total corners stats and corner tips might be the focus of this article but we’d be remiss not to talk about the many amazing other corner markets that are out there. From corners in the first ten minutes to corners race, you’ll be amazed at just how versatile this kind of betting is. Remember too, not only are these ideal for when total corners just don’t seem like the best fit for that particular game, but they also are great for putting together multiple bets. With that all said let’s take a closer look at the alternative corners markets.

Most corners in a football match– No prizes for guessing what this one is all about, pick the team which you think will have the corners in normal play, simple yet strategic like all good corners markets.

Corners in first ten minutes – One of the things that are great about corners markets is how it breaks down your options into different time zones with corners in the first ten minutes being a great example. This follows the same rules as total corners but the market ends at the ten-minute mark. Corners in first ten minutes market is a great way of injecting some interest into the opening minutes of the game.

First half/second half corners – Once again, this follows the rules of total corners but only counts the corners within the suggested selected period. Each half, as far as this market is concerned is entirely independent from the other. Great for multiples.

Exact corners – This is sometimes considered part of total corners but we felt it deserves its own shout out here. Exact corners mean you have to guess the number of corners taken dead on, so some very long odds possible here. It is worth pointing out too that according to some bookmakers, total corners without exact corners is known as corners 2-way.

Corners race – Here, you bet on the team you think will reach a number of corners first meaning that this market could be settled at any time. Like a sudden death version of team with most corners in a football match, with the ability to heat up the beginning of a game like corners in first ten minutes.

Corner handicap – While both European handicap and Asian handicap markets, where a team is given a goal handicap to even the betting playing field, are well known, fewer people know the exact same kind of rules can be applied to corners too.

First corner – The team which takes the first corner of the game is your winning pick, simple, and another great way of kick-starting your interest in the game, just like corners in first ten minutes.

Corners range – This one is remarkably similar to total corners. Instead of saying whether the total number of corners will be over or under a certain amount, you instead say whether those corners will be in a specific range, for instance, between 7-9 or 10-13. Otherwise, the principles remain the same.

Terminology Confusion

Now, just to be clear, many operators use different names for these markets, including the likes of first corner and corners in first ten minutes, so if they appear in a slightly different form don’t be surprised. That is also the case for total corners. Exact corners and corners range are, we suppose, markets which are successful or unsuccessful based on the numbers of total corners. Thus, they are called total corners by some bookmakers. Our focus here is largely on the over/under markets, but we do view this interpretation as valid.


What Promotions Can Be Used On Corner Markets?

While it is certainly quite possible for a betting site to offer a promotion solely on corner markets, we do admit that it isn’t something we see very often. However, for those of you wondering whether that means you will have to enjoy these corners markets without those bonus benefits you have no reason to be concerned. Dedicated promotions would be nice but considering that so many of the best and newest promotions including enhanced odds (also known as bet boosts), Acca insurance and no deposit free bets are generally all applicable to all football markets you can still enjoy the majority of the finest promotions bookmakers have to offer.


Live Betting With Corner Markets

Yes, corner betting is widely available as part of live betting. In fact, it would be rather unusual to find a corners market that is available pre-match and then suddenly disappears when the game begins. So, not only is corners betting available, including all the perks like cash out, but we also think it is a market that lends itself fantastically well to the fast pace of live betting, whether you’re on a desktop or on one of our favourite mobile apps. We hope we have now made clear just how very fond we are of this market for its strategic depth and those sorts of markets are always ideal for the intricate, detailed rush of information that smart live betting entails. If you’ve got the knowledge and your fast enough, this could provide some great betting odds opportunities.


Football Corner Stats FAQ's

🔍 What are total corner bets?

This is a betting market where you predict whether the total number of corners will be above or below a certain amount.

❓ Are there other versions of total corner bets?

Yes, some bookmakers will also allow you to bet on an exact number of corners or pick from a range of corner results that must be correct for the bet to be successful. Over and under markets are most common though.

✅ What do your corner stats tell me?

They tell you the number of matches that have seen “Over 9.5”, “Over 10.5” or “Over 11.5” corners across almost 400 teams and 21 leagues. Incredibly valuable in making future corner predictions.

⚖️ Are there other versions of corner bets generally?

Yes, there are plenty of other corners markets that don’t necessarily need you to guess the total number of corners in a match. These include corners in first ten minutes and team with most corners, for instance.

🤑 Can you use promotions on total corners markets?

While there are not that many promotions made specifically for this market plenty of general sports promotions market do allow corners markets to be eligible, so yes, but check the terms and conditions.

The Punters Page Final Say

We really hope you found our look at the total corners market as well as the corner tips, corner stats and corner strategy behind smart total corners betting to be helpful. One thing we also wanted to make clear, is that we view this market, as well as our advice surrounding it, to be part of a whole smorgasbord of help that we provide.

Just like how we think that the other corner markets like corners in first ten minutes or corner race are not only be interesting on their own but create something greater than the sum of their parts, we also think that of our corner tips, corner stats, strategy pages and Kickform. Everything we do here is to help you not only find the perfect place to bet but also to teach you how to make the most of those bets, and all of our help can be utilised together, in fact, we encourage as much, for the best possible results.